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Our online consultants are trained to help clients understand the possibilities, processes, and costs associated with laser / SmartLipo. Whether you just want to understand a little more or if you're interested in scheduling a no obligation, free consultation with our medical staff, we're here to help. Simply click on the photo to talk with one of our available online consultants.


We are firm believers in programs specifically designed for YOU.

Katy Liposuction SuccessWe understand that everyone has different needs and a one-size-fits-all approach is not the best route to take in this venture. Programs are designed and tailored just for you. We are 100% invested in your journey and will be there for the long haul—whenever you need us, we’ll be there. It’s expected to have ups and downs and that’s why we’re here; to make sure you’re healthy, supported, and sticking to your goals. We will customize a plan built around you and your desires. We will also monitor progress and any changes and alter your program based on your regular check-ups, always ensuring you’re getting the best out of your program. Is fat reduction your goal? We now offer CoolSculpting treatments to tackle those problem areas!

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